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El comisario 4.jpg

El Comisario

Explore this 360 3D immersive fiction film where Ernesto mysteriously arrives in a town that has succumbed to an unknown catastrophe. The man finds himself before a devastated world to face his past and unearth the memories that expelled him many years ago.

Martina 8_edited.jpg

Destino Olímpico

Covid-19 did not stop the Olympic spirit, but it did stop the competitions and group training. Learn how athletes qualified for Tokyo 2021 unprepared themselves in a pandemic context. 

Eight moving stories of effort and sacrifice.

Uba 200 4.jpg

UBA 200

In December of 2021 the UBA (University of Buenos Aires)  celebrated 200 years of history with more than 30 national artists and 100 musicians from the Symphony Orchestra.

A documentary of this amazing celebration.



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Punto de Quiebre 

Four stories of love (and lack of love) narrated from within. The users will be immersed in the most determining circumstances in the development of four couples. The uncomfortable moment of the first date, and the tragicomic and cruel cut of the relationship. A current and young look on the ephemeral of love in the age of internet and social networks.


The Gap

The Gap locates the user in the center of the cracks that divide us in front of big global topics like immigration, gender, science, technology, love or politics. This immersive documentary series maintains its objective essence and reflects the different positions of each debate with testimonies that face the "split sphere" resource (180 degrees on each side), in order to question the user about their own points of view. 


Charla de Chicas

Through the female perspective of the publication OHLALA, we discover the intimate activities and thoughts of 12 Argentine women. A relaxed and informal talk that brings us closer to each one.

LOLA 3.jpg

Lola Mora

Immersive pieces developed for the Lola Mora Cultural Center in Jujuy. The animated shorts tell the renowned sculpture’s life and work through a poetic and illustrated journey.


Cirque Du Soleil

The reality show about the famous “Cirque Du Soleil” had its episode in Buenos Aires, where a large part of the Backstage and preparation of the artists who are part of the company were registered.


"Uncovered", the web series of the Paraná Costume Party. In eight  5 minute episodes, the series tells the story of five friends  who decide to get to the Paraná Costume Party, no matter the cost.


Monsieur Job

Production services for videoclip “I wanna be your dog” (Monsieur Job) 

Captura de pantalla 2024-05-14 a la(s) 15.46.06.png


25P Films  was in charge of marketing pieces  and BTS from NETFLIX's blockbuster Senna .


Brahama Dorada

Production Company of the spot “Brahma Dorada” with Dario Barassi for the launch of this new product.

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